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A notary is a partner for each important stage of your life.

Your notary is a qualified legal professional and a key partner who will, at different times in your life, help you make wise choices and keep you well protected. A notary works with you to help you build and grow your estate, and will be there for important life events like marriage, a house or business purchase, the birth of a child, accidents, illnesses, divorce or death.

Notaries are also experts in real estate, business and commercial law. Their advice will help you complete large transactions, grow and protect your assets and, eventually, distribute your estate according to your wishes.

Notarial Acts

In addition to being legal counsellors, notaries are public legal officers recognized by the government. That means they have the power to attest to the authenticity of documents. A notary is the only professional qualified to produce a clear and correct notarial act that is recognized by the courts – a precious document that gives you peace of mind. Your notary files the original notarial act in their office, protected from loss or destruction, so that the parties can always locate it and obtain copies.

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The notaries at Voizard Rochon will allow you to benefit from all the legal services related to the corporate and individual aspects.

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